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Activities Report

  • Dharma Dew Dharma Talk Series – Integrated Report

    “Dharma Dew” was the Dharma talk series organised by YBAM every year to provide opportunity to the public to have a close contact with Kalyana Mitra. Short film sharing about Buddhism was the special feature in Dharma Dew 2014. The themes included "Buddhism- The smile of life", "The Sequence of Learning Dharma", "Three Refuges", "Difficult Seeking happiness?", "What I believe?", "Decorum of Buddhism", "Starting from the Mind", "Liberating the lion in the cage", "Hero Nature", "Buddhism and Modern Living", "Beautiful Life-The Message from ‘Shan Sheng Jin’ for Modern People", "Unlock the shackles of life-The Path to Buddhahood, Chapter of Three Refuges".

    Speakers of the talk series were Bro Chong Hung Wang, Ven. Jing Lin, Ven.Kai Ji, Ven. Zong Ping and Dr. Ong See Yew. They shared know how in learning Buddhism, the right sequence of learning Buddhism, and also how to take good care of life? Besides, the speakers also patiently guided participants not to fear death because death was the beginning of “Life”. We did not know when “death” would come; everyone and everything due to “Karma” would face ‘Impermanence and Death’. As such, we must be mentally prepared, so that we would not panic when the time comes.

    This year’s Dharma Dew Dharma talk series was successfully held with cooperation from six states. Below were the talk series from February to April in Terengganu, KL Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Kelantan and Johor. If you have missed the talk this year, next year make sure you get the related information from your respective SLC.

  • Dharma Walk Pedal Malaysia Penang on 11-08-2014


  • YBAM President Goh Ging Song’s Speech for National Day 2014
    YBAM President Goh Ging Song’s Speech for National Day 2014

    Today is the 57th anniversary of our National Independence Day, so let us congratulate our country – Malaysia, Happy Merdeka Day.

    Independence means liberation of the country. Since then, the country has autonomy and the people live with freedom, respect and dignity. Our elders always tell us how hard the days were in the early days of national independence. They also told us how harmonious life was when all races in the country live peacefully with mutual respect and trust.


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