To develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude.


To unite Malaysian Buddhist youth and to inspire them in cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude through the six main service areas of Dharma propagation, education, culture, welfare, leadership and organizational training, publications.

Our Values:

Wisdom, Determination, Compassion, Gratitude, Integrity, Visionary


  • The Triple Gem enables the Dharma to persist.
  • YBAM is the forerunner of Buddhist youths, the members are the greatest asset of YBAM.
  • The upgrading of the quality of Buddhist youths comes from sturdy educations and cultivation.
  • The practising of Buddha-Dharma assures a spiritualized society.
  • Believe and support democracy, freedom and the judiciary which are in accordance with the Dharma.
  • Religious harmony is the basis for the growth of Buddhism.
  • Financial stability ensures the continuous growth of Buddhism.


  • To be the national organisation of all Buddhist youths in Malaysia.
  • To encourage, foster and develop the practice of the Teachings of the Lord Buddha among youths.
  • To coordinate the religious, social and recreational activities of Buddhist youths through its member organisations.
  • To provide leadership training for Buddhist youths.
  • To further all other interests of Buddhist youths as may be decided upon at a National Council Meeting.
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