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Song Dynasty monk, Cha Ling Yu once wrote a poem: I have a pearl, long imprisoned in dust; now that the dust is gone, it will shine through the universe.

‘Pearl’ symbolises the Buddha nature, the light of wisdom, the virtues of love and compassion, which we possessed. Due to lack of right understanding about true happiness, sentient beings seem to search for happiness in the wrong ways resulted in greater suffering. Thus the pearl is polluted by defilement due to ignorance and cravings.

Dharma learning should be lively and fun. Buddhist centers are vested with the mission of presenting the great insight through simplicities to the communities.

This issue of Berita YBAM compiled information on the Buddhist group community activities and made readers more aware of the concept and nature of service of “Community Engagement” promoted by YBAM 7th Six Year Plan.

During a lunch time on an ordinary day, in a vegetarian restaurant at one corner of the city, in the midst of cutlery noises and the sounds and laughter of people, I have learned an important attitude in life – ‘openness and magnanimous’ from two seniors of the Buddhist community.

They made me realize that being ‘single’ is a choice of life. They are not only able to be at ease under various conditions led by this ‘uncommon’ path of life, they also understand how to apply Dharma in confronting problems that might arise in the future while leading a single life.

If one can live up to approximately seventy years old, he or she is considered long life. But how do we determine life is meaningful enough along the way? It is a choice of life whether one got married, single or become a Buddhist monk or nun. We have seen the application of Dharma in life through Wong Choon Tat and Hea Ai Sim and how they live their single lives with an open mind.


Recent political turmoil in Malaysia has made the people panic, people have expressed their standpoint, but in the midst of the political chaos, how should we distinguish right from wrong and understand the path we should be heading? When to step out? Why to step out?

Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic country; in order to reduce conflicts, the best way to rule is by dividing politics and religion. And because of the differences, we have to uphold mutual understanding and tolerance towards the society and different ethnic groups when we are expressing our stances and opinions.

YBAM had invited four distinguished speakers; they were Tony Pua Kiam Wee, Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara and ex-committee member of Public Accounts Committee, Lai Kuan Folk, ex-Member of Parliament and YBAM Consultant, and Goh Tay Hock, YBAM Lay Advisors; for a seminar named “Political Chaos: Where Do We Go from Here? ". The seminar content is included into the current Berita YBAM.


In life, whether we are pursuing career advancement, blissfulness in our family or happiness in daily life, we may seek the answers from the Dharma.

This is the beauty of Dharma, it is not merely a religion, but a way of life. People apply Dharma in daily life, career and family for a perfect life.

In this Issue, we have interviewed two veterans from Buddhist community – the Shaklee Presidential Master Law Chu Hian and the founder of DAIE Engineering Teh Lai Tien. They shared their experiences on how they apply Dharma into real life practice and pursue a meaningful career, family and life.

Through their experiences, we believe more Dharma practitioners will attain inner peace and perfection in life.

There is a saying that “a life is only completed after 60 years”. This is true to both people and organisations. YBAM is celebrating its 45th birthday this year. Throughout the 45 years and still counting, YBAM is still managing to contribute towards Malaysian Buddhism and training new bloods to continue the Buddhist missions.

There are ups and downs for everything. After going through a transitional period, an organization will face challenges from the government and society, as well as other religions. The conditions may seem to be to our disadvantage but it could also be an opportunity to us. It is still early to evaluate the performance of YBAM at this stage and there is still room for greater improvement. May YBAM continue to develop in the future in order to bring more benefits to the people and to build a harmonious society.


No one knows accident, death and tomorrow which will first arrive at your doorsteps, so no matter how much mental preparation people made, they could only know whether they can face it when thing happened.

The main topic of this issue was shared by YBAM’s Welfare Committee; it focuses on what is the proper attitude to handle death and departure in lifetime, including the psychological status while going through everything and after it all ends. This will let people learn how to face death and walk through the loss and grief.




Bidding farewell to year 2013 smoothly and going through year 2014, a new year means a new hope, and also new family members joining into YBAM’s family.

The continuation and transmission of an organisation needs the determination of every member to fulfill their mission. The operation of YBAM needs the support of National Council members, State Liaison Committee members, Standing Committee members and Member organisations. Everybody is a member of YBAM family, and together we unite and expand the growth of YBAM.


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