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YBAM Calls for Not to Provoke the Sensitivities of All Religious Communities

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

Regardless of our religious affiliations and beliefs, all Malaysians will look at these acts of arson on the churches with revulsion and regret. As a nation built on the strengths of multiple cultures we need to re-affirm our trust, friendship and appreciation of each other.

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) greatly treasures the friendship that has existed and developed between the many religious communities in Malaysia. It is cherished and honored by the vast majority of Malaysians. We believe that if each person acts in true accordance with the tenets of their respective religions, we will continue to live in harmony, cooperation and friendship.

Some of us, in times of anger and disappointment, may commit acts that test these friendships. We do not condemn the perpetrators but their unskillful actions which bring all communities into danger. Thus, we believe that the perpetrators of arson need to be apprehended in accordance with the laws of the country. But more importantly, they need to be educated and made to realize the error and danger of acting out their anger.

YBAM calls upon Malaysians of all religious faiths to practice tolerance and understanding and not to further provoke the sensitivities of all religious communities. In the meantime, we hope that the authorities will arrest the culprits and bring them to justice for their criminal acts.