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Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Building Fund

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:00

After 18 years of patiently liaising with various local authorities, Puzhao Buddhist Vihara now appears to be a reality. Construction work of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara finally resumed on February 2009.

The construction cost of PBV is RM 5 million and currently YBAM only managed to get the donation of RM 600,000. Due to the limited sponsorships, the work progress is slowed down concurrently. With this, YBAM would like to urge all Malaysian Buddhists to support this by contribute the donation through various way that has been provided. You may also make your contribution by contribute the PBV pillars, hall, meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture rooms and etc. All Malaysian Buddhists are welcome to request for the sponsorship form.

You may also make the contribution by directly bank in to our Public Bank Account: 3153512206 or make the contribution by cheque. All cheques are to be payable to “Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia” and indicate “Puzhao Buddhist Vihara” at the back of the cheques. Kindly send us the bank in slip for our record by fax to 03-7804 9021 or mail it to YBAM Secretariat at No.9, Jalan SS25/24, Taman Mayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.

Should you have any query, please contact the YBAM secretariat for assistance at 03-78049154 / 03-78049157

DONATION SCHEME OF THE PUZHAO BUDDHIST VIHARA BUILDING FUND 1. One Buddha Image(Main Shrine) RM120,000.00 2. One Buddha Image(Meditation Hall) RM 50,000.00 3. One Altar and Stage(Main Shrine) RM50,000.00 4. One Buddha Image(Dining Hall) RM30,000.00 5. One Altar and Stage(Dining Hall) RM30,000.00 6. Two Main Entrance Pillars RM50,000.00 each 7. Ten Side Pillars RM50,000.00 each 8. Ten Side Pillars RM20,000.00 each 9. Ten Porch Pillars RM10,000.00 each 10. One Ground Level Multi-Purpose Hall RM200,000.00 11. Five Ground Level Chambers RM20,000.00 each 12. M Floor Reception Hall/Office RM50,000.00 13. One M Floor Counseling Room RM50,000.00 14. One First Floor V.I.P.Reception Room RM50,000.00 15. One First Floor Sangha Room RM50,000.00 16. One Upper First Floor Conference Room (1) RM50,000.00 17. One Upper First Floor Conference Room (2) RM50,000.00 18. One Second Floor Abbot’s Office/Chamber RM50,000.00 19. One Second Floor Library RM50,000.00 20. One Second Floor Auditorium RM100,000.00 21. One Third Floor Tutorial Rooms RM20,000.00 each 22. One Third Floor Music Room RM50,000.00 23. One Third Floor Family Room RM50,000.00 24. One Third Floor V.I.P.Hostel(1) RM60,000.00 25. One Third Floor V.I.P.Hostel(2) RM60,000.00 26. One Third Floor Lecturer Hall(1) RM30,000.00 27. One Third Floor Lecturer Hall(2) RM30,000.00