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Religious Dialogue Should Propagate Right Teachings of Each Religion

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 11:15

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) received complaints from the students of Maktab Raja Melewar Seremban on the “Dialog Harmoni” organised by the college recently to promote students’ understanding on different religions but with an apparent attempt to convert the students instead. The students informed that they were compelled to attend the talk. However, this talk failed to provide fair view on other religions but degraded the teachings and portrayed the supremacy of a particular religion.

Based on the feedback from the students, the speakers of Hinduism and Buddhism were represented by Muslim converts. During the talk, the speakers portrayed the supremacy and greatness of the Islam religion. The speaker of Hinduism even showed the tears of touching after converted to the Islam religion. After the talk, multilingual pamphlets explaining the Islam religion were distributed.

YBAM believes that the speakers of the spirits and teachings of every religion may not necessarily be its disciples. However, the college management should uphold the principle to propagate right religious teachings and provide fair opportunities for the students to understand each religion.

Interfaith dialogue should promote better understanding on other religions. YBAM will never agree to any religious dialogue that demeans other religions and portrays the supremacy of own religion.

Malaysia is a country that provides constitutional right to its people for freedom of religious belief. The harmonious co-existence of all religions is derived from mutual understanding, tolerance and respect. In view of this, YBAM urges the Ministry of Education and college management to take this issue seriously.