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YBAM President Goh Qing Song - 2016 New Year Speech

Thursday, 31 December 2015 14:58

Recently the has announced that the word “Bitter” was chosen as the Chinese character of 2015, a true reflection of the feelings of the people. In the past year, the country’s politics has been in a turbulent situation, relations between religions and races are strained, the safety in society is out of control, plus the economy is depreciating steeply and the sharp rise in inflation, all these have a strong impact on people’s life, making life difficult day to day.

For many people, “Bitter” is stress, dissatisfaction, insufficient, and could not maintain what they currently possess. Many people choose to evade and unwilling to face the disappointments in life. Though, life is always bittersweet. We must always go through the darkness before dawn, and even a person has the best youthful years, we will eventually grow old as the years pass. A lot of things in this world are having two aspects, including “Bitter”. Although many would resist it, but it is an “adversity” that one must go through before achieving success. Even the birth of a new life must experience the pains and extrusion. In fact, not everything in life must be perfect, and because of the imperfection, there is room for improvement.

According to the Buddhist view, “Bitter” is something every person should experience, but it never stays the same forever, as long as we work hard consistently, the situation will change. In fact, a person’s success depends on our attitude towards “Bitter” and how much stress we can endure. So the most important lesson in life is how should we face good times and bad times in life. When things go well, we must learn to appreciate what we have and create a better future. When times are bad, we must learn to overcome bitterness and change it into nutrients for life.

There is a Chinese phrase “Farming on a sunny day, and studying on a rainy day”, which means that we work hard on the sunny day, and do not waste time on rainy day, seize the opportunity to fulfill ourselves, recharge, and wait for the chance. There is work to do during the day, and there are also things that could be done during the nighttime. As a Buddha quote “The Absolute Void and The Existence of The Supernatural”, the world has infinite possibilities for everyone, even when things seem hopeless. Things only can be repossessed by letting go.

Welcome the arrival of year 2016, I wish we lived in a world without disasters. Let us look forward to a better world, and the country continues making progress.