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YBAM President Goh Qing Song - 2016 Wesak Day Speech

Friday, 20 May 2016 10:28

Two thousand and six hundred years ago, the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha understood the law of “arising from conditioned causation”. Through this he knew that everything that happened in this world had a reason behind. As long as we know how to walk the right path with this knowledge, it will lessen a lot of sufferings, and be on the path of happiness. That is also how Buddhists view “impermanence”, every year is different, but every year could be better. It is because of “impermanence” that we can have hope, a hope for a better future.

In the last year, the global economy had took a great dive, country and society are in turmoil, and disasters happened frequently. These had caused the people to suffer pain. In truth, “sufferings” are everywhere, not only there are sufferings due to societal problems, we also need to face personal sufferings, including our career, health, studies, relationship etc. Our heart is similar to a mini-universe, it is forever changing, and we often feel helpless, not knowing what to do. When something good happened, we will feel happy; when things don’t go as we wish, there will be negative thoughts and feelings. We become the slave to our emotions, and without wisdom and power, we would not be able to learn the true reasons behind our emotions.

Learning from the Buddha helps to improve our wisdom and power, in facing the ever-changing world. We can make the right choice without being affected by external factors. There is always a reason behind the happening of many things. As long as you know the root causes, you will be able to face it calmly. Rather than choosing to run away, it is better to build up the correct attitude, so you can maintain an optimistic point of view no matter you are in which situation.

The Chinese saying “Farming in sunny day and reading in rainy day”, means we should do what we are supposed to do. In daily life we are our parents’ children, employees to our bosses, citizens of our nation, students of the Buddha, and we should perform our best in every position, learn everything we could in every opportunity, and do what must be done. We can work hard during sunny days, creating more chances to gain success; and when it is a rainy day, we can self-practice and read more for self improvement. When our life is going smoothly, we will try to create more opportunity; when our life hits a rock, we can make lemonade out of lemon to refresh ourselves.

A good or bad attitude will decide one’s life, so a successful life must start from a correct attitude. Buddhism emphasizes on d the importance of “Right View”. Buddhist lay persons must cultivate the “Right View” in their path of learning the Dharma. The Right View is just like our eyes, only with the guide of our eyes we can walk faster, and we would not wander to the wrong path. The emphasizes: “Those who possess the Right View, even if they go through thousands of years , they would not fall into the Wretch Realm.” Vasubandhu also mentioned in the : “Right View shall be the first priority”. Hence Right View is the basic for the Eight Noble path, only when we could recognize the world through right view, and understand the arising from conditioned causation, then we can walk on the right path of learning the Dharma and gather sufficient merits. Especially in this era of turmoil, where the line between right and wrong has been blurred, and when society is full of wrong concepts which are seemingly right, we must insist on the right path. This depends on whether we have the correct value system as our guide.

May all beings be well and happy on this auspicious day of Wesak!