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2016 Merdeka Speech by the President of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 17:10
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2016 Merdeka Speech by the President of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
Bro. Sek Chin Yong
Protecting our home country with our life and love

Due to my work nature, I am always tasked for overseas business trips ranging from two weeks to 18 months.  When being asked about which is my favourite country, my answer is always the same – “Malaysia, my homeland is the best!”  In this land, I am blessed with beloved family, delicious food, familiar languages and nice weather.

My university is located near to the neighbouring country.  Upon graduation, my friends moved to the neighbouring country to seek for better career opportunities.  I choose not to leave the country as my country has nurtured me using a lot of resources. Hence, it is my time to contribute to my country.

Nonetheless, the harmonious atmosphere in the country has seen to be in the downhill fall since the independence of the country.  There are some politicians who propagate policy of singular race and language in order to win in the election.  This has further differentiated the beliefs of multicultural nation among the people.

We are seeing provocation and opposition replacing unity and inclusivity in the country.  This is something not to be happened in our country – a multicultural and multi-religious nation.

As Malaysian, we need to work hard to maintain the harmony in the country, and to abandon any idea or remarks that promote singularity in the country.  We should encourage multicultural, free and fair policies to be implemented in the country.

We often see people talking about migration due to the unfair political policies in the country.  We need to keep these people in the country, and those who supposed to leave the country are the ones who destroy the harmony in the country.  We need to stay in this country in order to develop the country and create a better place to live.

This is our country, and we are the master of the country.  We may be having different cultural backgrounds, different languages and different religions, but it is our duty as Malaysian to maintain the harmony and unity in the country.   Let us be united again, to protect our home, and let the country standing proud in the eyes of the world.