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2017 New Year Speech by YBAM President Bro. Sek Chin Yong

Thursday, 05 January 2017 14:01
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2017 New Year Speech by YBAM President Bro. Sek Chin Yong
“The Need of the Leaders of People”

2016, we see the country is showered with a mixture of issues of race and religions, and we also see that the minority trying to instigate the sensitivity of the religion, turning it into a political issue, and destroy the harmony among the religions in the country.  Politicians keep publishing destructive remarks that turns into the concern of the society, and this has also slowly diminishing the harmonious society that has been built throughout the years.
There are even some politicians who tried to bring the country into the “One Country, Two Systems” condition through the amendment of the Federal Constitution.  The Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill was proposed by PAS, and how has handled over to the Federal Government for the proposal in the Parliament in March 2017.  The enforcement of such bill will cause the different punishment to be imposed to the citizens of different religions.  On the other hand, the passing of the amendment of the definition of father and mother’ (Ibu dan Bapa)to ‘father or mother’ (Ibu atau Bapa) in the Malay version Section 117 (b) of the Administration of Islam Enactment 2006 (Perlis) is also potentially imposing negative effects on the conditions of changing of religions in the future.
It has been known to everyone that this country is formed by people of different races, different languages and different religions since its independence, and this is the fact that has to be recognised by all people, from government leaders, political leaders, to every citizen of different beliefs, skin colour and cultural background.  This is Malaysia, and this the home that belongs to everyone.  We will not be seeing Malaysia if not because of the efforts that has been put by the past leaders through mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect.
People in the country will only be able to live in harmony if a fair policy is imposed to everyone, and each citizen is treated equally. This is the foundation that we have built during the development of the country, and this is also the success factor for the future of the country.  As the leader of the country, we need to take care of the need of every single citizen, listen to the them, and answer to their voice, and most importantly, to develop a mutual understanding and tolerance on the difference of races and religions.
Let’s hope that 2017 will be a harmonious and peaceful year for all of us, and it will also be a starting of the year where the leaders of the country lead the country based on the needs of the citizen.