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32nd National Teacher Traninees Dharma Camp

Initiated by the Young Buddhist Association Malaysia (YBAM), organised by Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia Kampus Perlis, and co-organised by Perlis State Liaison Committee and Perlis Buddhist Society, the 32nd National Teacher Trainees Dharma Camp was successfully held in Perlis Buddhist Society, Perlis on 20 – 26 November 2011. In line of conveying the message of living the life with wisdom among teacher trainees, as well as promoting the understanding of the life on the Dharma perspective, “Smart Living” has chosen as the theme for this year.

This time, the National Teacher Trainee Buddhist Camp was held in northern region for the first time, which is in the state of Perlis. In this 7-day-6-night camp, a series of meaningful activities were carried out, including keynote session entitled ”Smart Living” by Venerable Ru Jie, meditation sessions by Sis Liew, “Buddhist Hymns with Sign Language” and “Yoga” sessions lead by Teacher Lee Yet Mei. Moreover, there were a series of sub-theme talks, team building activities and interactions. On top of that, the organisation team went across border for the first time, where the participation was given a chance to visit Hatyai, Thailand to visit the Dragon Elephant Temple, Mama Temple, as well as to interact with the International Buddhist College (IBC) students in Khlongae, Southern Thailand.

The Thailand one-day trip was the most popular activity in this camp. On the day of travelling, teachers and participants departed to the Dragon Elephant Temple for breakfast and visit. The trip was continued by the visit to Mama Temple for the Dana. Participants indeed grasped the true meaning and of Dana. This is the followed by the interaction with students from International Buddhist College. This day-trip in Thailand had broadened the horizon of all the participants as well as teachers, and bring everyone a better insight of Dharma indeed.

Increasing interaction among the participants was seen from group discussion, inventing sign language and so forth activities. In the program of “Endless Nights”, participants expressed their true unhidden feelings, sharing their joyful and sad moment in camp, and even shed their tears. The participants of 32nd National Teacher Trainees College hug each other with “Love Hug”, and sincerely express gratitude to each other, leaving a remarkable moment in this camp.

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