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The Buddha Day ( Wesak Day )

The Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) will host a Buddhist Dharma Assembly on May 24, 2013. The assembly, which takes place at the main hall of the YBAM Administration and Training Centre, will start at 8AM and end at 1PM. YBAM would like to welcome all Buddhist friends to join this auspicious assembly and celebrate the Sakyamuni Buddha’s birthday together.

The Buddha Day, also known as Wesak Day, is an important event for Buddhs’s disciples to remember and celebrate the Birthday of Lord Buddha. The celebration of the Buddha Day originated from the birth of Prince Siddhartha, around two thousand and six hundred years ago, who, when first born, with right arm pointing towards the sky and the other pointing towards the ground, proclaimed, “I am the only honoured one in the heavens and on earth”. The “I” here literally means everyone in the universe is indeed born unique and special. For this reason, Buddhists all over the world honour this day with religious rituals in line with the fundamental teachings of the Buddha.

Through ceremony of “bathing the Buddha” normally seen on Wesak Day, we are reminded and inspired to purify the defilement born of our own body, speech and mind. When bathing the statue of Prince Siddhartha with auspicious water, we wholeheartedly pray and wish that his spiritual guidance will enable us to purify our polluted mind of greed, hatred, and stupidity, and thus attaining purification in our bodily actions, speech and mind. We also pray for peace and harmony in our society, so that there is no violence, deceit, and evil. By virtue of “ bathing the Buddha”, we wish that our troubled world could be transformed into a pure land and all evil minds be guided onto the Bodhi path, a path of righteousness with spiritual bliss.

It shows that, the inconceivable merit gained from partaking in rejoicing over the Bathing Buddha ceremony benefits not only the participant, but also those around him as well as the country he lives in and the earth he steps on.

YBAM welcomes everyone to this day of great joy and blissful celebration. May all be well and happy always.

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