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'Happy Living’ Community Care Series Talk Summary Report for May –Sept 2014

Happy Working Life forum in Shah Alam Buddhist Society. Happy Working Life forum in Shah Alam Buddhist Society.

In order to uphold its vision to develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude, the YBAM started a series of talks on community care. These talks aimed at promoting Buddhist life education by integrating mental health with Buddha-Dharma, leading the public to have positive thinking and develop a happy lifestyle so as to eliminate sense of failure and grief.

In year 2014, thirty nine talks were organised throughout Malaysia. These talks were initiated by the YBAM, organised by 12 State Liaison Committees and hosted by the relevant YBAM member organisations. Of which 16 talks were successfully organised between May to September at Melaka, Sarawak, KL/Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak and Pahang. These life education programs penetrated into the town area, helping the audience to recognise and learn the power of positive thinking and happy lifestyle. The one held in Negeri Sembilan was co-organised by YBAM SLC and the China Press.

The Speakers’ line up for the series talks was very strong. The speakers showed a strong commitment despite little monetary reward in order to fulfill their social responsibilities and to benefit the society at large. Between May and September 2014, speakers involved were Ong Sing Yee, Benson Lim, Dr. Lee Chee Siang, Dr. Tan Joo Siang, Tan Ah Khim, Low Guo Nan, Woo Siew Yan, Foo Yoke Won and Ong Gim Beng. All of them acquired Counseling and Guidance qualifications. Among them, Woo Siew Yan, Foo Yoke Won and Ong Gim Beng came from the Malaysia Xiao En Counselling and Support and gave three talks held in Pahang under the sponsorship of Xiao En Group. The Speakers used short film, live stories sharing, illustrated stories, works and character orientation questionnaire to elaborate the talks on Working and Living Happily, Love Happily with Least Affliction and Happy Elderly Life.

Approximate 600 persons attended the talks which consisted of working adults, secondary school students, undergraduates and senior citizens. They were participative and actively raised their concerns and doubts on related topics. They expressed that these talks have helped them to understand life better.

According to Avatamsaka Sutra, our mind creates the world including our own life. The purpose of “Happy Living” Community Care series talks is to promote positive thinking and improve life quality through life education. It is hoped that this program will get more public support in the future either by attending the talks or helping to promote the talks verbally. State Liaison Committees, Buddhist organizations or community bodies could support by organizing the talks so that more and more people could learn from the life education and attain happiness in life. Last but not least, it is hoped that all talks could optimize the financial and human resources.