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Adolescent Dharma Class Teachers Training Program

2014 marked the 10th anniversary for the YBAM National Service Program Special Committee. During the 10 years, the committee had been continuously carrying out interaction camps for the National Service Program’s instructors and facilitators. This enabled both the instructors and facilitators to be trained and having a platform to share their experiences. On the 12th to 14th of December 2014, YBAM came up with an innovative effort by organising an Adolescent Dharma Class Teachers Training Program, with the theme "When New Age meets ONLIFE teacher". The training camp was held at Petaling Kwan Inn Temple, Selangor.

The program was offered to the current national service instructors initially. However, it had been extended to those who are interested in Dharma teaching for adolescent. This was a breakthrough for the local Buddhist community. Looking at the increasing social problems caused by young people, YBAM felt the urgency to develop a Buddhist life education syllabus targeting on young people. This syllabus is then offered to those teachers who are concerned on adolescent education. The content for this camp including diversified teaching methods, and the Buddhist life education for adolescent was introduced.

The 2014 Adolescent Dharma Class Teachers Training Program was honoured to have invited You Qian Gui from Taiwan and a group of registered counsellors to share many issues on adolescents’ growth. Teacher You shared two sessions in the camp, "The Prescription of Happiness in Education" and "Be an On Life Teacher" with lively teaching methods. The other speakers had respectively carried out talks such as "Changing Life with Story of Life", "Initiating Teen Power" and "Vaccination for Life of Youth", these talks illustrated the principles and stance to be a companion. In addition to further explore the inner world of the youth and the need for life education, the talk, "Educators, Give Yourself a Vitality Reinforcement" also inspired the instructors to always radiate their positive energy so that they can continue to strive on the path of education. Moreover, this camp had also invited Ven. Ru Yin from Fo Guang Shan Malaysia and Ven. Chang Zao from Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre Malaysia in a forum on the importance to run Dharma Teaching and life education in parallel.

The organising committee launched the Buddhist life education syllabus during the opening ceremony. The syllabus consisted of 13 lessons, mainly to guide the adolescents to know themselves, to explore the meaning of life, to respect and to cherish life. This syllabus was designed for National Service Program instructors, adolescent Dharma class teachers, secondary school Buddhist society’s mentors and Buddhist youth’s mentors.

The camp had successfully attracted 95 participations across the country who is interested in adolescent Buddhist education. Every participant had actively participated in each of the sessions, discussions and workshops. At the end of the camp, they gave very positive feedbacks to the organising committee and looked forward to have similar camp in the coming future.

Date: 12 to 14 December 2014

Venue: Petaling Kwan Inn Temple

Speakers: You Qian Gui, Ven. Ru Yin, Ven. Chang Zao, Tan Yong Chin, Mok Soo Ching, Hew Mun Moi

Attendees: 92 over people