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Family Ties - Cantonese Dharma Talk

Date: 25th September 2014

Venue: Hoeh Beng Temple

Speaker: Ven. Yanyang (Hong Kong)

Participants: 100 people

Venerable Yanyang taught the public on how to apply Buddha’s teachings in dealing with interpersonal relationship. The meeting and contact between people is the result of previous incidents, good or bad. Hence, by practicing loving kindness in Buddhism, we can resolve a lot of human relationship problems around us.

One of the biggest challenges faced by most parents nowadays is to discipline their children. According to Venerable, the family tie is unbreakable. People should adapt to it by changing their habit. If others are unsatisfied with us, we should try to resolve it. We should always be kind and compassionate, always reevaluate ourselves and to repent.

She stressed that, despite their young age, children have strong self-esteem. Parents often need to show love and encouragement to their children and not to scold them in the public even when they are at fault. Same applies when the child is eating, having sickness or before sleep as it could hurt the child’s feeling. If the child is willing to change for better, parents should not bring up the same old issue again.

Venerable also stressed that when we are facing with family or relationship problems, we should make an effort to do more good deeds. By helping and servicing others, we can gather positive energy and achieve self-affirmation. The meaning of “detachment” is to accept, observe and experience the pain. Thus, when facing with problems, we should change ourselves in order to build a better relationship. And the basis for our change is to have consideration for others, and not to follow our hearts.