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Negeri Sembilan - Meditation Beginner Class

YBAM Negeri Sembilan SLC and Seremban Prajna Buddhist Association (SPBA) jointly organised on 14 – 15 June 2014 in the premise of SPBA. This event attracted 17 people to participate. The organiser invited Ven. Chi Xiang to guide the participants on methods of meditation.

This course was mainly to enable Buddhist workers to have a chance to pick up methods of self-practicing Dharma and regulating body and mind, besides serving the masses. The course contents included Dharma talk, Vipassana Meditation, homage to the Buddha and walking meditation. Under the compassionate guidance of Ven. Chi Xiang, everyone benefited greatly.

Mind training focused on Samadhi or stillness, a fast moving mind easily attaches itself with the outside world. We need to let our mind settle down to maintain a pure and clean mind. Besides guiding the public in Buddhism, Buddhist workers also should maintain purity and harmony physically and mentally, thereby achieving wisdom.

With all factors in place, the meditation course ended fruitfully. Thanks to venerable, supervisor, course mates; be grateful to the triple gem for blessing all concerned.

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