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National Service Program Special Committee


The National Service Programme (NSP) Buddhist Class is a national programme with comprehensive coverage. To implement the programme systematically, the YBAM has set up a NSP Special Committee in January 2006 to carry out series of training courses and to work out a suitable syllabus and teaching aids for the NSP trainees. The committee is also set up to study the value of the programme and to draft a long term plan for effective and comprehensive implementation of the programme. To date, there are about 80 NSP camps in the country with about tens of thousands of non-Muslim trainees taking part in this three months training. The NSP not only allow us to introduce Buddhism to the trainees, but also provide us opportunities to recruit young Buddhists, and to identify and train Dharma speakers.

Religious Advisor Ven. B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera
Ven. Khai Sear
Consultant Liau Kok Meng
Hew Mun Moi
Chairperson Yong Kuei Yoong
Vice Chairperson Chong Zhaojun
Goh Seng Tak
Secretary Chen Chuin Chee
Treasurer Ng See Lip
Programme and Training Unit Mok Soo Ching
Publicity and Sponsorships Unit Coordinator Lim Min Yih
Kwang Min Xiang
Tshen Zern Kai
  • Contact Person: Yong Kuei Yoong
  • Contact No.: 017-6790202
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