Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Management Committee


The predecessor of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Management Committee, formerly known as Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Planning Committee and was established on 22 March 1987. The objective of the establishment of the committee was to plan and manage for the YBAM to construct a building that belongs to the YBAM. The YBAM did not have a premise then and the only office in Penang was on lease. The owner of the land had officially handed over the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara to the YBAM and the transfer of land title was handled by lawyer then.

It was resolved during the 12th Biennial National Conference of YBAM held at Delima Resort, Langkawi on 4 June 1994 that the name of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Planning Committee be changed to Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Management Committee. Just like its name implies, it will be managed by all the member organisations and national council, taking care of the construction work. The 1st term of the committee was smoothly elected and called its first meeting at the Delima Resort, Langkawi. It is clearly stipulated in the constitution of the YBAM that the responsibility of the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Management Committee is to direct and manage the assets and business, planning, fund raising and to oversee the regular activities of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara in accordance and rules and regulations of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara.

Though the name of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara carries the title of temple, as it is under the YBAM, its style of management will be quite different from ordinary temples. The initial objective of YBAM in constructing the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara was to establish a centre for Dharma cultivation and training that belongs to all the member organisations and as well as an ideal venue for all the Buddhist in the country and people of all quarters to learn and practise Dharma. Due to its geographical and environmental factors, the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara needs to be very sensitive and accommodative when carrying out its activities. It is envisaged that the duty of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Management Committee will enter another new era when the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara is completed. All members in the management committee must work hand in hand and the attention of YBAM member organisations in particular only then the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara will spring into life and bring great significance to the people at large and the Buddhists in particular.

Abbot Ven. Chi Chern
Chairperson Liaw Fern Chan
Vice Chairperson Tham Fook Sung
Secretary Yeap Sock Fuei
Treasurer Oo Dip Nyiap
Audit Tan Ah Ba
Members Chia Min Chow
Hoi Jung Wai
Kim Kook Sin
Koh Yit Yan
Lee Li Chen
Lee Pei Woei
Pang Chin Yin
Tan Gek Fong
Tan King Leong
Tan Tee Koon
  • Contact Person: Liaw Fern Chan
  • Contact No.: 019-6503345
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