Dharma Propagation Committee


YBAM’s mission is to unite the Buddhist youths and to inspire them in cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude. To inspire them, we need Dharma Education. Dharma propagation is the way to promote Buddha’s teachings. Recently, the Dharma propagation at grass root level is decreasing, Dharma Propagation Committee’s objective is to promote Dharma education for a long term basis.

Chairperson Chiah Boon Hoon
Secretary Ng Jiunn Jie
Asst. Secretary Chuh Zhi Qian
Treasurer Hng Hock Chuan (Jimmy)
Members Ng See Lip
Chin Wai Meng
Chan Mei Yen
Lim Chun Hoong
Er Sue Ching
  • Contact Person: Chiah Boon Hoon
  • Contact No.: 012-4842607
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