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Welfare Committee


As a Buddhist organisation with great vision and to meet the demand of the current time, the YBAM has set up an important welfare acvtivity – Pelita Psychology Consultation Service as emphasized in its 5th SixYear Plan with the objective to provide spiritual purification/development for the broad mass.

Chairperson Chen Jean Jing
Vice Chairperson Tham Tze Ren
Yee Pek Yunn
Secretary Chan Mei Yen
Asst. Secretary Boo Chuan Yong
Treasurer Chiang Hui Ching
Members Hay Hock Heng
Hee Nyia Ling
YBAM Pelita Psychological Guidance Unit
Chairperson Yee Pek Yunn
Vice Chairperson Loo Peng Hooi
Secretary Teoh Sim Boon
Treasurer Lim Bee Kim
Interaction Group Leader Yap Hooi Cheng
Volunteer Group Leader Ho Lai Moon
Publicity Group Leader Siah Lee Lee
Email Counseling Group Leader Chan Yeet Kuan
Supervisor Group Leader Yee Pek Yunn
Tutorial Group Leader Loo Peng Hooi
  • Contact Person: Chen Jean Jing
  • Contact No.: 016-9293900
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