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Ladakh and Borobudor in 2008

Written by  Mei Joon Thursday, 17 October 2013 14:23

Ladakh - the land of the extremes!

There's alot of words to describe this magnificent awesome place call Ladakh! But nothing beats showing you pictures, of why I like this place. Well there's reasons to make you want to think twice about coming back here again.... but one of the few things that I deeply treasure about this trip:-

1. Opportunity to meet Ven Sanghasena & the chance to listen to the very sincere, full of wisdom & compassion, frank but funny Dhamma sharing. 2. The exceptionally warm welcome & hospitality shown by the children! Honestly, on the first day of my arrival at Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre in Devachan, listening to the voice of the children singing welcome-song in their own style, and bowing to you, and offering you lovely flowers as you walk pass all the children lining up to greet you endlessly... believe me, my heart sank.

The beauty of Mahabodhi, lies not just on the picture perfect snow-capped moutain view surrounding you but on the warm smiles of the children, especially the very cute little ones! You just don't know where they get the Metta look from! Maybe they all inherit from their most respected Venerable Sanghasena. I have utmost respect for Ven Sanghasena, a Theravada-trained monk, who encourages non-sectarian approach, who encourages the order of nuns just as much as for monks, who places education as primary agenda to curb poverty in poor Ladakh for the people.

It's amazing to find out how a visionary monk can truly inspire me. For the whole week when we were in Ladakh, we were being constantly reminded to 'live here and now'. It was quite easy, to just breath in / out, and not let the mind wander off. I was just being there. I also realized something about 'change' or 'growth' and I managed to survive without digital communication for nearly a week! It is indeed possible! When there is no signal: no sms service, no Internet and the mind is living by the present moment. I do not have to be a slave to my mobile-phone and the computer! The only thing I've not yet learnt to let go is my digital camera.

I took about 2000 pictures and I had to delete some earlier photos to fit it a few Delhi pictures on my last day in India.

Some of the difficulties that I have to endure at Ladakh:

1. The very cold temperature in the early morning / at night, so much so I hardly bath. It was freezing weather!

2. The mountain view is incredible no doubt, but the bumpy winding journey up the mountain maked me very dizzy, worst when I tried play with my camera while on the moving vehicle.

3. The milk is really not for me. Though they always humbly serve us milk tea and most flasks contain milk instead of hot water. I could not take the smell of the milk! In fact on the first day in Ladakh, I vomited. I don't know why except that I know I'm embarrassed that I couldn't enjoy their food.

This trip also made me feel so thankful for Malaysian food! Now I love thosai / roticanai with dal & milo drink & nasi-lemak with aromatic sambal even more!