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During a lunch time on an ordinary day, in a vegetarian restaurant at one corner of the city, in the midst of cutlery noises and the sounds and laughter of people, I have learned an important attitude in life – ‘openness and magnanimous’ from two seniors of the Buddhist community.

They made me realize that being ‘single’ is a choice of life. They are not only able to be at ease under various conditions led by this ‘uncommon’ path of life, they also understand how to apply Dharma in confronting problems that might arise in the future while leading a single life.

If one can live up to approximately seventy years old, he or she is considered long life. But how do we determine life is meaningful enough along the way? It is a choice of life whether one got married, single or become a Buddhist monk or nun. We have seen the application of Dharma in life through Wong Choon Tat and Hea Ai Sim and how they live their single lives with an open mind.

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