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5th Six Year Plan (2004-2010)

5th Six Year Plan (2004-2010)

The 5th Six Year Plan is the main development plan for YBAM from 2004 to 2010. It inherited the directions of the previous four six years plans, and also incorporated new strategies and policies to showcase Buddhism as a relevant religious philosophy for contemporary issues.

This Six Year Plan is also founded on the vision and mission of YBAM as follow:

Vision: To develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude

Mission: To unite the strength of Buddhist youth and to cultivate their wisdom, compassion and gratitude

This plan would be the development blueprint of YBAM for the next 6 years. The following 3 terms of National Council and all state liaison committees must adhere to the plan and to accomplish the plan with might and main.

The plan should become effective immediately after being adopted by the 17th National Convention. It is estimated to be superseded by 6th Six Year Plan in 20th National Convention, year 2010.