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6th Six-Year Plan (2010-2016)

6th Six-Year Plan

This six year plan is the main development blue print for YBAM from 2010 to 2016. The plan continues the direction that has been set in the previous five six years plan with the incorporation of new elements to cater for the needs of the current society. This 6th Six Year Plan is also constructed based on the existing mission and vision of the YBAM, that is,

Vision: To develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude

Mission: To unite the Buddhist youth and to inspire them in cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude

This six year plan will be effective from the adoption by the 20th Biennial National Convention in 2010, and it is expected to be replaced by the 7th Six Year Plan in 2016 through the 23rd Biennial National Convention. The definition of one year in the six year plan refers to the range of months from July till the June of the preceding year.