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YBAM Contemporary Buddhist Seminar “Developing The Mind’s Potential”

Monday, 03 July 2006 16:10

The Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) will organize a Contemporary Buddhist Seminar entitled “Developing the Mind’s Potential” on Sunday August 27, 2006 at the Holiday Villa, Subang.

Due to the favorable response of the “Buddha as the Healer” seminar in 2005, “Developing the Mind’s Potential” follows up by providing some practical tools (such as the mindfulness technique of Jon-Kabat Zinn) for inculcating inner peace & happiness as well as to expand our outlook and perspectives of the latest developments in contemporary Buddhism in relation to the areas of psychology, mental health and neuro-biology. Scientists have found that mental cultivation/transformation techniques not only reduce stress but can profoundly affect the brain, reshaping it in ways that appear to increase our attention span, tolerance to stress and sharpening of our focus.

We have invited three eminent speakers to present their lectures in this seminar:

Venerable Mahinda will speak on the Buddhist approach for developing the mind to its fullest, entitled “Making the Mind an Ocean”. He is the Abbot of the Aloka Meditation Centre in Peats Ridge, New South Wales, Australia and founder Spiritual Director of the Australian Buddhist Mission as well as Aloka Foundation Malaysia. Formerly a Vice President of YBAM (1976-78), Venerable Mahinda was born in Melaka and ordained a Theravada monk in 1976 under the tutelage of Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thera. He undertook Buddhist studies in Sri Lanka and practised Buddhist meditation under several masters in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, and Thailand. Since 1976, he has been conducting the Annual Novitiate Program at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Venerable Tenzin Chonyi (Dr Diana Taylor) will explore our potential for developing unconditional love and compassion to achieve genuine intimacy and how Buddhism can help improve our relationships. Her talk is entitled “Creating Positive Affinity in Relationships”. Before her ordination as a nun, she was a psychologist at Monash University and later in private practice. She spent four years studying Buddhist philosophy and psychology at Chenrezig Nuns Community in Queensland. Venerable Chönyi was a speaker for the 1st International Conference on Mind & Its Potential” held in Australia last year. She also writes articles and poetry for Mandala magazine, Dharma Vision, and Sangha magazine.

Dr Tan Eng Kong, a psychotherapist from Australia & the first president of YBAM, returns with a presentation entitled “Mending the Mind”. He will describe the symptoms and physical signs of stress at different levels and also list the various Stress Reduction Techniques available today and in particular emphasize the Meditations as practised by the Buddha 2,500 years ago which are now part of the evidence-based Western medical management for stress-related disorders of patients. He will be leading the audience in some short and medium-length meditations for stress reduction. Dr. Tan will point out the physical and psychological benefits of meditations. He will also delineate how the psychology of meditation deals directly with the root causes of our stimulus and stress-addicted society.

The registration fee for the seminar is RM100 per person. Please log on to the website www.buddhistseminar.com or call the YBAM Secretariat at 03-7804 9154/9157 for details.