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2008 New Year Speech by the President of YBAM

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 14:28

2007 was a special year to Malaysians as we have achieved independence for the 50th year. In order to further develop our multi-racial country, we must be tolerant towards the differences of races and religions. As the core Buddhist teaching – the cause and effect, harmony and tolerance between religions are the fundamental elements in developing the country. Hence, the theme of 2007 Wesak Day was “Religion harmony, the essential element in developing a country”.

Although Islam is the official religion of our country, we enjoy the freedom to embrace other religions. Nevertheless, after 50 years of independence, the pressing need is to obtain religious harmony rather than racial harmony. In the mid of developing Buddhism in Malaysia, we have faced multiple obstacles, such as the setting up of the training center of YBAM at Puh Zhao Temple in Kluang, Johaor, that are very disheartening to the Buddhist community in Malaysia.

The government and the leaders of our country have no doubt on the important roles of religions in sustaining and promoting social harmony and morality. Malaysia Buddhism has also contributed to the social stability substantially. Nevertheless, to preserve the freedom of embracing different religions will not be sufficient. Instead, the authority should proactively help in the development of the different religions in the country.

We support the request of the non-governmental organizations to set up a non-Islamic affair organization to help in the development of other religions in the country; thus, fulfilling the promise of our Prime Minister of equal treatment to all rakyat.

Lastly, YBAM wish you happiness and prosperity.