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22nd YBAM President Speech by Bro.Goh Qing Song

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 16:59

First and foremost I would like to thank all delegates for their support and entrust so we have the opportunity to serve and moving towards developing the Malaysian Buddhism.

The Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) is a big family, and each member plays an impotant role. The structure of the YBAM is formed to facilitate operations, but in fact, each National Council, State Liaison Committee and Standing Committee, or even the Secretariat will need to work hand in hand then only YBAM will grow stronger. I hope that the new team will be able to use Dharma as the direction, where we perform our duties based on the teachings and wisdoms of the Buddha. The Dharmaduta work as well as the team building needs the contribution from everyone.

This term, we see many young faces standing out to bear the responsibilities of developing the Malaysian Buddhism, which makes the theme of this Biennial Convention “Young Buddhist for Youthful Buddhism” achieve its objective. YBAM provided a platform for all to present their talents and expertise. However, it has to be reminded that YBAM is not an individual stage, but a team effort. In the coming two years, I hope that the National Councils to continue to nurture the new bloods, review the past and to plan for the future.

Continuing from the last mission, the 6th Six Year Plan is still the main direction of this term. The training of the Buddhist Youth is the main task as well as the main challenge for YBAM. YBAM has always been encouraging the youth to learn the Buddhism through the training provided by the State Liaison Committee or Standing Committee in terms of technical and fincncial assistance, and training. Under the 6th Six Year Plan, YBAM hopes that the talents will also be recruited from the Member Organisation. Hence, through the realisation of the Six Year Plan, YBAM hopes to help the Member Organisations to train the educators and to promote the Buddhist activities that fits to the direction of the Member Organisations in a more effective way. The Dharmaduta works rely on the continuous talents from the youths. Hence, in this council term, YBAM will be strategically train the young talents so they will become the future successors.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to the retired Council Members, who are still with us until today, and to continue to provide advice and assistance to YBAM. We are blessed to have them with us too.

Last but not least, once again, I would like to represent the 22nd National Council to thank every delegate for their trust on us. We will work heartedly to ensure YBAM to be the reference organisation of the Buddhist youth and to provide innovative and excellence services.

May you be well and happy!