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YBAM 45th Anniversary Celebration cum Inauguration Ceremony of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara - Message from The President of YBAM, Goh Qing Song

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 17:56

After a long wait of 25 years, we finally witness the official inauguration of the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara. First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to this Inauguration Ceremony of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara, celebrating this historical moment together with us. In particular, I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to Venerable Masters from Malaysia and abroad, Buddhist leaders, representatives from various Buddhist organisations and societies. Thank you for your continuous trust, support and encouragements to the Young Buddhist of Malaysia (YBAM).

Today marks the 45th anniversary of YBAM and the completion of Puzhao Buddhist Vihara, the construction of which was started 25 years ago. To an organization, 45 years is not a long period; but taking 25 years to complete the construction of a vihara, it is extremely abnormal. The ground breaking ceremony for the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara was held on 27 January 1991, but the construction works was halted on the same year due to various political reasons.

Through 17 years of dealing with the government, the approval for re-construction was granted in 2008 and works were resumed in 2009. These 25 years witnessed the selfless contribution by the veterans of YBAM who fought so hard for the completion of the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara. It represented a long-term struggle of Buddhists against injustice. It also reflected the deliberate policy of the Malaysian government of discouraging the development of non-Islamic faiths. All these will be recorded in history. Nevertheless, we should look forward and move on. We believe that where there is Dharma, there is a way.

The seven-acre Puzhao Buddhist Vihara consists of a modern four-story complex, including a Main Shrine, Meditation Hall, Library, Sutra-copying Hall, Auditorium, Exhibition Hall, Classrooms and Dormitories. The first Abbott of the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara is Venerable Chih Chern who is also the Religious Patron of YBAM.

Puzhao Buddhist Vihara is an important centre of YBAM at the southern part of Malaysia. It will be used for meditation and training in the future. In addition to developing the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara to be an International Meditation Centre, the Vihara also aims to provide various training courses to produce Buddhist youth leaders for tomorrow. As its location is near Kluang, YBAM welcomes the community in the vicinity to make use of the Vihara for various cultural and educational activities to promote the development of the community.

Materialistic and spiritual development should go hand in hand. With the completion of the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara, YBAM is moving into another strategic sustainable planning stage for the Vihara. We hope that we will not disappoint Madam Lim Fong who donated the land to YBAM and the veterans of YBAM who persisted and contributed so much to make sure that the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara is up and functioning. Today, we are glad that they are with us to witness this historical moment.

YBAM is a non-profit, national organisation for Buddhist youths. Its funds are based on the support and donation from the public. It was difficult, but YBAM has been standing strong, and served the society for 45 years.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our supporters for their contribution to YBAM in various forms. Thank you for the trust in our visions and missions, and helping us to achieve our objectives.

We would also like to thank Member Organisations of YBAM. You have brought Buddhism to the community, and helped to nurture the youths to become the next generation of Buddhist leaders in the country.

We appreciate the contributions of the veterans of YBAM. Because of your hard work earlier, we are able to learn and practice Buddhism in an established environment.

Not forgetting the volunteers of YBAM – for you are the front-liners of YBAM. You are always there when we need you, and be ready to serve the organisation!

YBAM is an organisation where everyone plays different roles but moving in the same direction as a team. To my team, thank you for being my Kalyāṇa-mittatā, working together in achieving our big dream!

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of YBAM also brings the meaning that we are now strong enough to continue to develop Malaysian Buddhism. The future of Buddhism is indeed in our hands!

Last but not least, once again, on behalf of YBAM, I would like to express our most sincere appreciation to everyone for your contribution to the YBAM and to the Puzhao Buddhist Vihara.

Namo Buddhaya, Namo Dharmaya, Namo Sanghaya.