Friday, 29 July 2016 17:07
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A veteran of YBAM posted a photo showed a gathering of some veterans in one of my social communication groups.  A few young council members were asking on who are those people in the photo.  “Dear President, do you know them?” I was asked by one of the veterans.  “Of course I know them all!” I then listed the name of everyone in the photo, together with how I came to know them.

I said, “Looking at you all as the veterans in YBAM, it brings me back to the days when I was young and ignorant, I am glad to have you who educated and nurtured me to who I am today. In the younger age, we were carefree and simple, if there were any “major issues”, we knew that you all will sure be at the frontline to protect ourselves.” The Secretary General also added, “Now is the time for us to be at the frontline, to nurture the younger generations, and to face the challenges!”

This is the spirit of YBAM – seeing the leaving of one generation, and welcoming the arrival of another generation, to continue the vision and mission of YBAM. The passing down of the baton of responsibility is for the Buddhism, for the benefits of people, and for bringing everyone to a better life.

The organisation is 46 years old; notwithstanding this glamorous organisational age, if each generation is not able to continue the vision and mission of YBAM, and not able to serve the need of the people of the era, the organisation is then merely like a new-born, two-year-old organisation.

Today, the light of wisdom and responsibility has been passed to us, and we have the ultimate duty to continue the journey, to nurture the future generation, just like how we were taken care by the fellow veterans.

Has the 46-year-old YBAM grown up? Let’s ask ourselves the question, and perhaps you will find the answer within.

May YBAM continue to stay strong in this journey of thousand miles, and may you be well and happy.

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