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Kedah SLC “Sex Education Camp” and “Sex Education Talk”

In order to let the adolescence have a healthy concept in the topic of sex, and know how to respect themselves and the opposite sex, initiated by YBAM Kedah SLC, co-organised by SJK(C) Choong Hwa Gurun BOD and PIBG and Gurun Buddhist Society (Education Section), “Sex Education Camp” and “Sex Education Seminar” were held from 27 June to 29 June 2014, conducted by renowned speaker from Kuala Lumpur in this field, Mr Ngoh Chee Meng.

The events were divided into a day-camp for junior secondary students and senior secondary students respectively, and meanwhile two talks for parents. Each day-camp had attracted more than a hundred participants, the response was overwhelming.

The speaker, Mr Ngoh narrated the topics with vivid and direct way. The topics discussed for the junior secondary session were “The art of interacting with opposite sex”, “Sexual body response”, and “Learning self-protection”; while for the senior secondary session, the topics included “Dating and In Love”, “Sexual Body Response”, and “Sexual choices and contraceptive”. After each topic, students had the chance to raise their doubts in writing which were then answered by the speaker.

The two seminars conducted for teachers and parents were “Walk into the gratification world of adolescence” and “Children Sex Education”. The attendees learned that proper and healthy attitude in facing and discussing sex-related topics with the children could help to reduce their confusions in this aspect. The students as well as the adult benefited well in this series of events.