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2014 Workshop on Career Planning and Learning from the Buddha (Second Life)

Date: 19 – 21.9.2014

Venue: Hoeh Beng Buddhist Temple

Guests of Honour: Ven. Chuan Hua, Bro. Chong Hung Wang, Bro. Lee Chee Siang, Bro. Lee Ying Chien, Bro. Seng Kok Meng and Sis. Lim Hooi Tin

No. of Attendees: 70 people

The Buddhist Career Workshop 2014 was organised successfully by YBAM from 19 to 21 September 2014 at Hoeh Beng Buddhist Temple (Kuala Lumpur). The purpose of the workshop was to enable fresh Buddhist graduates to continue their dhamma practice after graduation in order to lead a meaningful life full of wisdom.

Over three days, talks and forums were held to help the participants to understand the importance of continuous dhamma practice and Upakara Kalyana Mittas in their life. The workshop also provided tips to guide them in planning and preparing for their lives in future as practising Buddhists. All participants were either final year undergraduates from local universities or fresh Buddhist graduates.

We were honoured to have Bro. Chong Hung Wang and Bro. Lee Chee Siang as our speakers. Bro. Chong and Bro. Lee guided participants through interactive activities such as movie sharing and games so that they could experience the importance of a meaningful life. Ven. Chuan Hua, Bro. Seng Kok Meng, Sis. Lim Hooi Tin shared their experiences as Buddhists in a forum at the workshop. This has given participants a clearer picture of what they could include in their planning for the future.

The workshop was designed to guide participants in thinking and planning for their lives as practising Buddhists in the future. All participants had benefited greatly after this three days and two nights workshop as many of them understood the role of dhamma in living a valuable and meaningful life. With this understanding, the participants can then go on to plan their future confidently with the Triple Gem as their guiding light.