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The Melody of Truth and Beauty Buddhist Hymn Camp

The Melody of Truth and Beauty Buddhist Hymn Camps were organised at different places in Malaysia in year 2014.

The first camp was conducted from 26 to 28 of July 2014 at the original place of Melody of Truth and Beauty, Teluk Intan, Perak. Approximately 70 participants joined the camp.

The camp was conducted at Jerantut, Pahang from 19 to 21 September, 2014. Approximately 50 participants joined the camp. They came from all over Malaysia. They consisted of youth, undergraduates and adolescents.

Both camps started with an ice breaking and “Magic in 10 seconds”, followed by a session conducted by Bro Lee Ying Chien and Bro Seng Tak Pin entitled “Loving you with the Malaysian Buddhist Hymn”. This session presented the development and changes in Buddhist hymn from the 80s till now. It enabled everyone to feel the changes in rhythm, differences in sound mixture, and how various instruments created different music.

In the “Let’s Sing” session, participants presented their best products which showed that Buddhist hymn creation could have promising successors.

In the second day, Bro See Huat Heng shared the “Creating a world of Buddhist Hymn sharing” session. This session enabled the participants understand the conditions and resources needed for a Buddhist Hymn sharing, and how to prepare and conduct it. Participants were encouraged to organize Buddhist Hymn sharing in their own organisations. Sis Lim Siew Kee and Bro Chong Hung Wang conducted the self-development program in Teluk Intan and Jerantut respectively. This session helped participants to know themselves better through self-exploration and understand that there is happiness as well as sadness while we grow.

In the Buddhist Hymn workshop, participants picked up better skill in singing, song writing and emceeing through creative teaching by the speaker.

In the last day of the camp, every participant prepared short Buddhist hymn film, new hymn creation, hymn performance and action song. Participants showed great teamwork in the performance with full creativity and passion. They were willing to take new challenges and improve their weaknesses, and presented different performances in the simplest way.

In the very last moment of the camp, all participants picnicked and sang along at the park. At the final session entitled “Walking the path of Buddhist hymn sharing”, the speaker shared his experience and self-development on propagating the Dharma through Buddhist hymn. He shared that every hymn has its story, and thereafter how to share and spread the hymn.