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The publication committee was formed in 1990.It is a unit in YBAM devoting to the propagation of the Buddha Dharma through words. It is also one of the important tasks in the YBAM six-year Plan. We hope that through the effort of publications, we are able to play a role in spreading the Dharma as well as for the spiritual cultivation of our readers. We stress more on the dissemination of the dharma through words rather than profit-making and we publish varieties of publications to meet the needs of the followers of various schools of thought.

The fundamental mission of the YBAM’s publications is to encourage creative literary writings, produce books that meet the needs of the people, to propagate the Buddha Dharma, and to enrich the spiritual life of the general public, in our effort and attempt to enhance the level of Buddhist culture. We will also do our best to strengthen our publication works for the sake of the Buddhist community and society in general, thus contributing to the spiritual health of each individual as well as the overall social atmophere. To have a more lively and robust Buddhist culture, YBAM must shoulder this responsibility to continue to strive on diligently and to be more professional.

Advisor Ven Khai Sear
Leong Kok Hing
Director Ven Chi Chern
Deputy Director Leong Kok Kee
General Manager Lee Choon Hong
Treasurer Lee Chooi Yan
YBAM Ex-Officio Tan King Leong
Hoi Jung Wai
Tan Chan Sin
Members Cheng Lye Sen
Chiam Soon King
Lim Lay Hong
Ooi Ean Ping
Tan Boon Teng
Tong Cheng Beoy
Tai Lee Leong
Buddhist Digest Editorial Board
Editor Keoh Lean Cheaw
Supervisor&Executive Editor Tan Choo Choo
Assistant Editor Ooi Boon Kai
Editorial Committee Member Tan Poh Imm

Buddhist Digest Reader’s Board
Editorial Adviso
Ven. Khai Sear
Keoh Lean Cheaw
Editor Yap Yu Kang
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