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Adolescent Affairs Committee


In the early 80’s and 90’s, the Young Buddhist Fellowship (YBF), secondary school’s Buddhist societies and youth section of Buddhist organizations have been established gradually to encourage the youth to learn the Dharma. Over the past 20 over years, successfully leads the youth to the path of Buddhism. The Adolescent Affair Committee (AAC) has been striving to continued the passion of leading and train for more good quality Young Buddhist Fellowship leaders.

Chairperson Ting Jia Shyang
Vice Chairperson Diana Wong Wei Ling
Loh Xue Ling
Secretary Dang Wee Hong
Treasurer Khoo Huai Shin
Cultivation Unit Chong Kah Kiat
Special Planning Unit Soh Mian Li 

Chan Hui Cheng
Gan Jia Ler
Tan Ee Ling

  • Contact Person: Ting Jia Shyang
  • Contact No.: 016-324 2805
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