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Buddhist Undergraduate Coordination Committee


The Buddhist Undergraduate Coordination Committee (previously known as Buddhist Undergraduate and Graduate Coordination Committee (BUGCC)) which comes under the YBAM was set up in 1991. The BUCC has all the while been the bridge of communication and liaison between the Buddhist societies in varsities and YBAM. Through mutual interactions, the problems faced by Buddhist societies in varsities are alleviated, resolved and getting better. It is with the hope that the Buddhist societies in varsities could progress together with the YBAM. Majority of the members of the BUCC are university graduates and they are in better position to liaise with the students in the varsities and to motivate the Dharma activities and to help the Buddhist societies in the varsities to grow and encourage more graduates to propagate and practise Dharma.

Chairperson Ting Yik Hwa
Vice Chairperson Dicson Loh Wen Jiun
Ng Elain
Secretary Pek Pei Li
Asst. Secretary Yap Cher Xi
Treasurer Lloyd Teoh Yan Hang
Members Chai Chin Sian
Chai Yee Lin
Chan Pei Wu
Chia Shu Cai
Gan Cheng Hau
Hew Yen Xin
Lai Yi Xiang
Lee Chen Kang
Lim Zhen Yang
Loo Lip Wen
Lor Kim Hock
Ong Huoy Huoy
Seow Wen Li
Tan Yee Tong
Tan Ziheng
Thum Guan Wei
  • Contact Person: Ting Yik Hwa
  • Contact No.: 017-377 1210
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