Culture Committee


The objective of Culture Committee is to materialise Buddhist culture in the society, families and individuals. The Culture Committee, from time to time, motivates the society to nurture the value concept of Buddhist family and to continue to organise activities with the tinge of Malaysian Buddhist culture in order to achieve its objective. Buddhist culture is a long term education project. The Culture Committee is with the hope that Buddhist culture would infiltrate into every family and amalgamate it in their daily life. Amelioration of the big environment would uplift the personal quality. The Culture Committee is confident that a society and family with wisdom, compassion and gratitude is the key to cultivate Buddhist youths with quality.

Consultant Ang Chong Teck
Chairperson Sin Yew Sen
Vice chairperson Yeong Yiong Yi
Secretary Chan Choon Keat
Treasurer Frankie Low Kian Hong
‘The Melody of Truth & Beauty’ Buddhist Hymns propagation
Lye Yik Ming (Coordinator)
Hu Jia Ying
Ng Boon Han
Ong Lindy
Yeoh Hui Sheng
Buddhist Family Frankie Low Kian Hong (Coordinator)
Chan Choon Keat
Tay Xu Cen
  • Contact Person: Sin Yew Sen
  • Contact No.: 017-7639649
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