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We believe that the education plays an important role in the development of the religion. In Malaysia, a systematic Buddhist education is one of the weak areas. After the effort for more than eleven years and the effort from all parties, the compilation of the Primary School Buddhist Study Text and Teacher’s Guidebook will be concluded soon.

In future, we shall focus on the task to promote the Primary School Buddhist Text and Teachers’ Guidebook and assist the Dharma class of the member organization to use the Buddhist Study Text and Teachers’ Guidebook effectively. Besides that, we will also held the Dharma Class Teachers Training Camp at different places purposely to assist the Dharma class teachers of the member organization with various teaching techniques and how to use the Buddhist Study Text and the Teachers’ Guidebook to ensure a better teaching.

After the compilation and publish of the Primary School Buddhist Study Text and Teachers’ Guidebook, YBAM Education SC continue the effort to compile the Teenager Buddhist Study, which will be a continuance for the Dharma class and also to systematize the Buddhist education for the teenager.

Consultants Wong Sien Biang
Liew Pee Lian
Chairperson Lew Yin Yee
Vice Chairperson Hiew Soon Yong
Secretary Kiung Leh Leh
Treasurer Quek Khiau Hoon
Members Loh Xzi Phen
Ong Wei Wen
See Huat Heng
Teo Liam Hock
Tan Ching Hing
  • Contact Person: Lew Yin Yee
  • Contact No.: 019-7608187
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