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External Relations Committee


The External Relations Committee (ERC) plays the role of bridging between the YBAM and the Buddhist organisations inside and outside the country, as well as the coordinator to the government and non-government bodies (NGOs). The ERC is very active in the Malaysian Youth Council, the Eight Major Chinese Business Youth Council of Malaysia, World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) and others.

Advisor Wong Choon Tat
Howe Wan Chong
Chan Jaw Wing
Chairperson Thai Ming Yeow
Vice Chairperson Chok Men Fei
Poon Fook Teen
Tey Jia Hong
Secretary Fong Mei Mei
Asst. Secretary Yeap Voon Yin
Treasurer Eow Shiang Yen
Members Wong Soo Soon
Chun Fook Ming
Chiu Poon Keun
Lim Min Yih
Wong Keng Bing
  • Contact Person: Thai Ming Yeow
  • Contact No.: 016-2818635
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