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Finance Committee


YBAM had established one marketing unit headed by the Treasurer, to manage the marketing matter and daily operations. The main job scope of this unit is to promote and sell the publications published by YBAM, books and other products to increase YBAM’s income.

The donation programme is the self finance plan under the 6th six year plan to build a solid financial structure and to draw steady financing resources. The programme was mooted since 2010.

Chairperson Lee Li Chen
Vice Chairperson Kew Chun Leong
Secretary Yap Yong Teck
Creative Mind Coalition Chuah Teong Eng
Mak Lai Cheng
Tang Loon Khoon
Tay Bin Sze
Members Lim Kea Seng
Tan Ming Hui
Wong Shin Zhou
  • Contact Person: Lee Li Chen
  • Contact No.: 012-7618230
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