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There must be something that I can do

Written by  Loh Yit Phing Thursday, 17 October 2013 14:39

“There must be something that I can do”, when His Holiness Dalai Lama exiled to India, that’s what he told himself.

People only started to really live their life deeply when they know that they got incurable disease, that’s what Ven. Mahinda said to us. I am gracious that I didn’t have any health problem, so in this limited time span that I have, while I am still healthy, what can I do to make my life worthy?

After much searching of the meaning of life in the past 20 years, I found something that speaking to my heart—Buddhism. Understanding the teaching is not enough, I must practise. Just like Thich Nhat Hanh says, “To Love is to be there”. If you are physically there it is not enough, your mind must be there too, and that’s the True Present. When I know about YBAM, I am telling myself that, I must be there, it is like i have arrived at my home. I must have my true present there, serving the community.

In the past, there are many people worked very hard to protect and nourish the growth of Buddhism in Malaysia. Many of them they are now the consultants and advisors of YBAM. Because of them I got a chance to know and learn deeply about Buddhism, and now it is time for me to do something and contribute.

We might think that we are who we are because of our own effort. That’s not the whole truth. The truth is that many people are helping us, the nature is nourishing us too. We are living in a world that people, natural, mineral are interbeing.

I find my friends in life while I am serving in YBAM. I have been joining YBAM and take up National Council post since 1996. Before that while I was still an undergraduate, I already a member of one of the portfolio, Buddhist Undergraduate Coordination Committee (BUCC). Contribute in the organisation, we nourish our brotherhood and sisterhood, supporting each other on the path of liberation. I always inspire by their thought and deed, and in gratitude. I feel that I am not alone in the path; the community of love have nurtured me and my idea of serving.

Having a hobby in life is precious. I can tell that my hobby is to be a social worker in YBAM, a platform that by the youth and for the youth. Youth is the future of our country, how good if I can do something for them. They need guidance in life so that they won’t be carrying away by different temptation in life. I strongly believe that the teaching can help them to find their way in life. I am the testimony.

In order to help or provide service to the community, we ourselves need to practise as well. I told myself that I have to grow in YBAM. I learn various skills too other than the practise. What’s important is that I find happiness when I learn how to develop both mind and heart when serving the community.

Do you believe in interbeing? The place that we live is a net, everyone affecting and influencing each others. May be you might think that taking care of your good self and your family is good enough. For me, that’s not enough. I strongly believe in cause and effect and impermanent. When I am still fit I want to do something good for the community. If one day I am in scrap, I might need helping hand too. Especially when I got four children, I hope that they can have a better community to live in. That’s why when we are contributing to the community, we are also doing something good for the future of our children and family.

Thing change when we think less about ourselves. In every one of us, there is little child in us. The little child is neglect by us because we keep seeking from outside to fill the hungriness or the desire in us. The past experiences keep hunting us like shadow. After I learn to listen to my little child in me, I started to accept my past and enable myself to learn from my experience and I am no longer the beggar of happiness. I know that I am precious; I am so rich because I can walk, see and I can serve. The platform of ybam provides me a space to contribute and boost my confidence in the path. When we serve, we think less about ourselves and happiness grows in us.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, other than basic need for survive, human need to have fulfilment or self-actualization in life. Even homemaker has the same need. We can also serve the community and do something other than taking care of our family and children. I believe that a homemaker needs to have her own social networking and keep themselves update about the environment that they live in. It will be helpful especially when they face difficulty in life. They will know what are the resources that they can tab in to solve their problem. That’s why I am so perseverance that I must not draw a box for myself. Impermanence is everywhere; we must get ready for that. We don’t wait until it happen then only we want to look for ways to solve it. When you are in scrap it’s a bit too late.

I believe that in every one of us there are suffering and longing for happiness in life. When I am desperate, I always tell myself that there must be something that I can do. As a mother of four, I recognize the limitation for me to serve, but I always believe that there must be something that I can contribute in YBAM and make big aspiration to serve and practise. There must be something that you can do for the community, for Buddhism in Malaysia too.