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What Have I Learnt In Buddhism

Written by  Ernest Ong Swee Gim, SMK St. Francis Buddhist Society Thursday, 17 October 2013 14:49

In the world as we know, there lives humans of various races, religion and culture, where histories, legacies and great discoveries are made. But humans are not always that strong to build and contribute to the society as the digital era of ours today. Even the power of race and culture was unable to keep them going but religion did. They believe in their respective religions which gave them will and determination as devotees to continue the work of God himself.

There may be many religions, and every religion educates their devotees to be righteous. I was educated in a Buddhist way, that with rightattitude and thoughts made me a new man. All these years of being a Buddhist, I finally realised that Buddhism is mainly about the way of life, in fact, the Buddhist way of peace, loving kindness and wisdom can be just as relevant today as it was in ancient India, where Buddhism was originated. Buddhism taught me to view life in a very different way. I could face problems with a new perspective. Buddha explained that all our problems and suffering arise from confused and negative states of mind, and that all our happiness and good fortune arise from peaceful and positive states of mind.

In addition, Buddhism taught me methods for gradually overcoming our negative behaviours such as anger, jealousy and ignorance, and developing our positive behaviours such as love, compassion and wisdom. Through this we can experience lasting peace and happiness. Peace and calm was what I felt the whole time. I also learn about Karma which means ‘intentional action’ and refers to the universal law of cause and effect. Karma is created not only by physical action but also by thoughts and words. Just as action causes reaction, karma causes effects that come back to the original actor. We must never do bad or else bad will come to us.

Being a Buddhist enlightens me to follow the righteous way of the teachings of Buddha who is also the enlightened one. His teaching had conveyed to millions, including me. The teaching of Buddha cannot be defined and explained, it must be understood by heart and implication in life. That is the beauty of Buddhism.